So yesterday I cried off giving you images of a very waterlogged bit of Oxfordshire in favour of some pre-moistened views of Granadas altiplano…..But today there is no escape!!!

The river Cherwell working its current ”bit full of itself’ kinda groove….

Under all this water are the fields and pathways that I have  visited time and time again over the last year…At the moment wherever I wander I seem to find wellington defeating expanses of the damp-stuff forcing u-turns and fence climbs, its like a bloody obstacle course.


It does however give me plenty of opportunity to shoot all sorts of cool reflections..Different to the watery clouds I shot at Negratin and posted last week, but still exciting in chilly middle England kinda way.


I find I’m drawn to the ‘new edges’ in the landscape…..the bits where boundaries are broken. The river is maybe twice its normal size so bigger & more beautiful than ever but its the bits of summer pathway lying like a mirror base under the reflected sky that really get me going.


Then, every now and again, something drags you away from the big picture….An old plank, Ophelia-esque, drowning in the sedge…


Or the detail in some seeds reflecting  the light from the water…

Its enough to make you give up city life for good…..

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


    1. Stuart

      Now you know what happened to Ophelia when her heart was stolen…..
      Try and keep it together Scillabuddy …..
      We don’t want you making daisy chains and swimming in a ditch.


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