Its a shame that there’s no real equivalent to the Frenchie-loving ‘Francophile’ label for us Spain fans…Spancophile sounds so naughty!!




Anyway..The above shot taken from a hillside above Galera probably gives you a good idea why Mr Shpics loves the area so much.. but also why Mrs Shpics has a tendency to go further afield to shop…

We made the trip to Lorca to get a bit of retail therapy and while there, I took the following shots.


Still not exactly heaven for mall-rats but it did the trick for us…

On the way back I had the opportunity to shoot yet another strom brewing…this time over the small town of Orce a few miles south east of Galera. Orce, for the information seekers amongst you, is said to be the site of the first human settlement in Europe. I don’t think they came for the shopping either.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

    1. Stuart

      Hi Rob
      great to hear from you….
      Glad you like that one as I was lucky with it… was really dark and I was hand holding but wanted to keep the iso low so I shot about 20 frames with a continuous shutter and this was the only crisp one…
      Really lucky it worked…


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