You can’t really go to Granada province without visiting the Alhambra Palace, (though your hero Mr Shpics and his beautiful life-manager did exactly that last year).

This year Mrs Shpics, (for it is she to whom I refer) actually booked the tickets for the correct day…Hurrah!  Consequently this time, rather than having a hot and sweaty walk up a very steep hill followed immediately by a hot and sweaty walk down a very steep hill, we actually got through the gates.


I must get one thing straight however…..if someone tells you, (as they are want to do), that it’s the most beautiful building in the world, then they’re obviously on commission..(or drug addicts)..It’s lovely, it really is..but most beautiful in the world?

It does however do reflections….Very very good reflections!


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart

      I have reflected on your comment and feel I must share the praise with my trusty polariser ………still my favourite accessory….(with the exception of course of my lemon yellow kitten heels which I wear for all photo adventures …).


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