tiscar1webMore bad weather…..Sorry….it seems to be becoming a bit of a theme…

Two shots, the first from the South and the second from the North, both of  Tiscar, a small village 13 kms from the town of Quesada high in the Sierra de Cazorla. (As you can see, Tiscar is not to be sneezed at).. The building high on the rocky outcrop is a small ruined castle…With the clouds hugging the peaks the impression was more Transylvanian than Spanish….

The modernist poet  Antonio Machado had this to say:

In the Sierra de Quesada
There is a giant eagle,
green, black and gold,
always open wings.
Is stone and never tires.
Past Puerto Lorente,
the clouds galloping
the horse of the mountains.
Never get tired: is rock.
In the hollow of the ravine
seen the fallen rider,
that raises his arms to the sky.
The arms are granite.
And where no one goes,
laughing is a virgin
with a blue river arms.
It is the Virgen de la Sierra.




Sorry about the translation but I can’t find a better one. I’m pretty sure however, that Antonio must have passed through the high valley in similar conditions to our own visit….The mountains really did look like huge wings in green, black & gold.


(you can see why I try to leave words to the poets)…

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

    1. Stuart

      Olives…..too high and chilly for grapes I reckon…
      Did you know that most Italian olive oil is made from olives imported from Spain?
      It surprised the hell out of me….but it seems ’tis true….


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