frost3webCompetition time!..

A free pack of almost fresh chocolate digestives to anyone who can identify the strap line at the head of the page…(prizes must be collected in person before midnight.. I might get the munchies).

It’s totally irrelevant to the blog but, since the now happily snoozing Mrs Shpics and I polished off a rather splendid bottle of Cava with breakfast, I’ve been repeating the phrase in my head, giggling and bumping into things……

So..While I’m still whizzing, I’ll post some more shots from Oxfordshire……and then an afternoon nap.



It’s still pretty wet…Still pretty  chilly..




To be completely honest, were it not  for the pleasures of  bubbly-style-inebriation I feel I might well become depressed.

In fact, I think I’d better pass on the snooze, sacrifice a chicken to the Sun-Gods…and open another bottle…..


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde



  1. tanya ellis

    omg 11 days and i will be back to this,need to have a decadent life like you though stuart not the prospect of cleaning loo’s n showers lol


    1. Stuart

      Congratulations……Refreshers it is……but if you think these biscuits will still be here in eleven days you’re very much mistaken…..
      Yum yum ..


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