I’d been moaning a good deal about my lack of laptop…So much so that the normally incredibly patient Mrs Shpics got thoroughly sick of me grumbling like an old bear with a very sore arse, and, even worse, snubbing the tired old HP netbook that she’d been kind enough to let me borrow…Consequently I was ejected from the house with shrill instructions not to return until I was re-cybered.

Well..I am re-cybered..

Re-cybered to the Nth degree…

I7 processor, dedicated graphics, hard drive as big as a pineapple, matte screen, more RAM than you can shake a shitty stick at….


Sadly I am also broke…..I have a loaf of bread and am considering sharing the cats stock-pile of “Whiskas” for the next few days…surely it can’t be that dissimilar to pate?

Anyway that’s my problem,  and as I’m sure none of you fine readers could give a tinkers cuss, without further ado….On with the show!!

Oxford seemed a good place to crack off of few pics to test out the new machine.


This handsome fellow wears long leather boots, a knowing smile, and hangs around in the Bodleian..If I was a responsible blogger I would have established who he was and what he was up to.. But I’m not, so I didn’t….I just think he’s rather gorgeous, boots not withstanding.


Even on the dullest of days you can’t really go wrong snapping away here…I’m surprised anyone gets any work done at all, it’s so beautiful..



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Now is that “Yeeeaaggghhh!” or simply a very enthusiastic “Yeah!” ???
        Your sad face gives me the impression it’s more likely the former…..
        A shame…..The salmon and chicken in jelly takes a bit of beating!

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