I find myself alone in the concrete…….Mrs Shpics is eighty miles away with her pencil case and satchel, accumulating knowledge…

I can count on very few hands how many days we’ve been apart in what will soon be thirteen years of marriage, and between you and me I’m not best pleased….don’t get me wrong, I like my own company, but I find that when I’m moseying about with camera poised I keep going to say something to her…

“Look at that!”

“Do you remember…?”

“Isn’t that cool?”…..

(or even….” Pass me the tripod and buy me a coffee”…but thats not really what I’m talking about here..).

Anyway, conclusions are that Birmingham, like any city, can be a bit on the lonely side.

Which was probably instrumental with how these shots turned out.



This will all probably dissappear in the not too distant future.

Birminghams new library is almost complete and the concrete wasteland around the old one is ripe for re-development….I will miss it and it’s glorious ugliness.


But not as much as I miss Mrs Shpics, (who is still in quite reasonable condition).




All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

Oh..and the title is from a 1977 song by ‘The Jam’…. the days when Paul Weller wasn’t such a twat.


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