I’ve been have a rummage through my archives.. (pfnarr pfnarr)…The new laptop means I can access some stuff on stand alone hard drives that I haven’t seen for an age.

This shot was taken in Bologna and for some reason I never opened up the raw file so it was a total surprise..

I do remember it was early morning and Mrs Shpics was dragging me through deserted streets in search of coffee..

Consequently managing to crack off this one shot was a bit of a result..Sadly, just a shortlived triumph as seconds later she once again had me by the ear and I was led off kicking and screaming.

When Mrs Shpics wants her coffee, she wants her coffee!


I do rather like the look of the Hotel Holiday..(not as a place to stay you understand, three star hotels in Italy are like one star hotels in Earls Court, one star hotels in Earls Court are like Herpes)..but there’s something about it nonetheless.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

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