I was full of the joys of spring this morning……I ‘d slept incredibly well after quaffing a couple of rather splendid bottles of old vines Carignan and partaking of a light supper of  rare Dexter beef sirloin with a good dollop of horseradish squeezed between a couple of wedges of sourdough bread…. (no more than 1750 calories, whereas Mrs SHpics had two of the same and three squares of espresso chocolate into the bargain…Plain greedy!!!).

So to cut a long story short I was well rested and this morning found me energised and raring to go…..I wasted no time in heading out for my regular constitutional….Clean pants, Wellie boots, Barbour, the trusty Nikon and Bobs yer uncle, I was out through the tent flap like a ferret down a pipe, heading for my favourite path at the side of the river Cherwell….

Imagine if you will the carefree Mr Shpics…whistling….a spring in the step…..hair tossing in the breeze….what a lovely sight!

The eight or nine young bullocks that Mr Shpics hadn’t noticed in the field that leads to the river obviously liked the look of him anyway……He realised this when he heard the thundering of bovine hooves and turned to see them bearing down on him from the top of the hill…..I think the fact that I was burping beef probably didn’t help.


You’ve never seen a photographer move so fast…If Milla Jovovich had been in the next field with her pants around her ankles I still wouldn’t have got there any quicker !

Believe me, they might only be a couple of months old but they look huge, horrid’n’hungry when approaching at speed…Petrifying !

So..I ended up having a much longer walk than expected, climbing fences, traversing bogs, scrambling through briars etc etc just to get back to where I started.

If you think I was crossing that field again you are very much mistaken..

They looked a little smaller, but still pretty pissed off, when, once I got back to the safe side of the gate, I took a few photos and insulted them profusely..

“Oi Grass-Breath….Can’t get me now can you ?”



Intimidated ? Moi?



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde



  1. scillagrace

    Looks like slippery footing there, too. Imagine landing on your back in the mud, cradling your Nikon protectively, when one of those slobbery muzzles decides to see if cameras are tasty! Great story and marvelous faces!


  2. Helen Cherry

    Oh this did make me laugh because I used to live on a farm ( in my Irish married existence days) and if you stand your ground, face them and wave your arms they’ll be more scared of you than you are of them… 🙂


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