Just a couple of miles from SHpics winter retreat are the gardens of Blenheim Palace…

Some ancient dude named Brown with a very strange christian name did the gardening and built a pond around this bridge that some other old dutch sounding chappie had slapped together…

It’s not bad, though I tend to prefer pot plants, wooden decking, solar fountains and a crock buddha.


Amazingly it takes a good fifteen minutes to walk to “The Cascade”, (pretentious I know), from the house …… seems stupid to me….why build a fishpond where its going to necessitate a good thirty minute round trip to feed the goldfish? Especially when you consider there’s a massive, (very boring), lawn in front of the house..


Still, that’s peers of the realm for you…… and more than a little thick ! (Or so I’ve been told…….I personally have no opinion whatsoever…or for that matter any money, so I’m not worth suing).


Anyway before this starts getting political, here are a couple of shots of Vanbrughs bridge and Capability Browns water feature……The bridge is really rather nice, and the lake itself is pleasant enough, but, strictly entre nous, the cascade looks like something Gerry Anderson might have knocked up for Tracy Island…



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.





    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I would put a big fence around it…………There would be one very small gate where I could take delivery of expensive foodstuffs, dancing girls (and guys for herself) and assorted beverages at pre-arranged times..Friends, (Wisconsinites included),could visit for limited periods on the express undestanding that should they outstay their welcome their life would be forfeit…
      Then I would concentrate on developing extremely eccentric behaviour while letting the estate fall into gradual disrepair and decay in time with my own decrepitude…
      What would you do?


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I like my cherries but I like my gooseberries even more… I prefer all succulent fruits a little tart…..
      Besides dont worry, I’m sure neither I, nor the fair Scilla, would mind you jumping feet first into our little tryst…
      I would do my best to find an excellent angle.


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