The town of Castril sits above the high plains in the north east of Granada province.

Park up at the bottom most point of town and head for the sound of running water. The shot here is of the small man made fall at the head of a natural gorge….What starts off relatively gently even at this time of year soon gets pretty damn fierce…..So fierce in fact that this photographer couldn’t keep his camera dry….

So…..not a single usable photo…


You’ll simply have to take my word for it…



Incidentally I will be back in civilisation fairly soon now and will have lots of new piccies to post…Watch this space!


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. scillagrace

    The tender green, the milky water…it’s like spring birth. And outside my window, snowflakes are flying. Not in earnest, thank God, but reminding me that it’s still pretty cold out there!


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