jgorge11Good advice in almost any situation….Ask Oscar Wilde.

But… after picking your way down, down, down through the gorge at Castril that I told you about a few days ago it’s advice you simply cant ignore…(if only because there’s only one way back to where you left your mule)…This shot was taken at the point where we turned around, took stock, drank a warm beer from the back-pack, gritted out teeth and headed back into the clouds.

My initial report that the spray had killed all of my shots seems to have been a little of an over-reaction..Some have in fact survived though I’ve had to clean up some lens spots on all of them.

It’s getting to the stage where I really need to wear glasses to take photos, on some my filter must have been wet enough to support marine life.


Still…As I say, with a bit of drainage some shots have survived.





Spain has had an incredibly wet spring..Floods in Cadiz province where you usually struggle to fing dew,….and though we saw little actual rain in the three weeks we were in the Altiplano you can see from these trees how high the water levels were…..







These shots really would be improved by a soundtrack…..C’mon Nikon get your act together….Still shots with attached sound files so you could hear how ABSOLUTELY BLOODY DEAFENING this water was….

(I know about the video thingy my camera can do but couldnt bring myself to use it…I cant help thinking there’s something a bit poo about video…Is it just me?)

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

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