Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away……..

No..I’m lying…

I came upon this strange place wandering the low hills between Cortijo del Cura and Castillejar…(I was the one wandering you understand, this sexy little building just sat there, looking very very Star Wars).

I’ve no idea what it is or what it’s for, but really really hope if anyone does live in it that they’re called Skywalker.


The second shot was the first shot, (if you know what I mean), and was shot facing west…The second shot, or in fact the first, (the top one…do try and keep up), was taken facing East after a mad scramble over the hill, nearly going well and truly arse over tit, to try and get the last of the light.Β  Luckily I made it without mishap…The force is strong in Mr Shpics..


I cant make up my mind which I prefer..the semi silhouette thingummy, or the late evening low-angle light wotsit….


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde..



    1. Stuart

      I felt moodier taking the top one…..that was after I’d slid down the hill on my rump protecting the Nikon at the expense of my elbows…
      Poor grazed Mr Shpics …..


  1. BagspackedI'moff

    The second one. In some respects it is all dark and brooding (on the dark side to continue the analogy :-)) but I also see a positive side in the last (or first) shards of light in the sky. Anyway regardless of all the philosophising you can do, it is a fantastic shot!


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