jgorge9 A couple more pics of the Gorge at Castril.

The leaf colour in the top one was breathtaking even without the water whipping past beneath the trees…But together? I nearly filled my shorts! (Sorry..very rude…)

I nearly shouted hurray!



The second, nearly got cropped down to the bottom third, as I really liked the green leaves over the water as well, and thought a similar treatment might work, but, after much soul searching, I left it intact….

Still not sure….

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. suppressorexpress

    As an artist i am drawn to the colours of the red/orange leaves that meet the vigorous blue, they’re each others opposite yet when brought together in nature, to create one hell of a beauty of a shot!
    And again u make laugh…. filled ya shorts did ya he he he he


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