I took the individual shots for this image in the first few days of our recent stay in Spain…..So actually well over a month ago now……

I’ve had to wait until I could use my home based computer set-up as combining  the separate images into the panorama you can see here is mind-bogglingly processor hungry…..

(This is a fairly low resolution jpeg version but still looks a whole lot punchier if you click on the image and open in a separate window.)

Full size it’s some 15,000 pixels wide and I’m hoping to blow it up to a wall sized print, but I’ll have to save my ice-cream money and maybe write a nice letter to Santa…….(I have been a very good boy so far this year)..

It started life as 35 separate raw shots, taken fixed aperture at around 140 mm, five horizontal planes and seven vertical planes…..

So..Lens cap off….Knees bent……Deep breath…..Starting  top left…..

Click click click click click click click

Click click click click click click click

Click click click click click click click

Click click click click click click click

Click click click click click click click

Mr Shpics…the fastest shutter shooter in the West…..(actually East, but you get my drift)

Still, all of this macho-photo-techno-posturing-shite aside, the thing that really tickles my whelk about this shot is that it really does take me back to the way I felt just before I started clicking…..I’d started climbing up the shadowed side of a hill in the very early dusk, not having a clue what to expect……….

Then this !!

El Gaspo !

Caramba !

I fully expected Alan Ladd, Burt Lancaster, Jack Palance, Henry Fonda, Slim Pickens et al to come galloping over a ridge chased by hordes of bloodthirsty desperadoes..

As someone brought up on a staple diet of cowboy films I thought I’d died and gone to heaven…

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. scillagrace

    Definitely Big Sky country! (Although not as wild as the Wild West of the USA…cultivated a bit more.) Good work; worth the effort to see it all come together, I hope. Thanks for sharing it!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Ta C-Bomb…..
      (though you could maybe have gone on at length about how brilliant I am, how much you admire me, how I should be knighted for my services to the photographic image…that sort of thing).
      WOW’s good though…I like WOW…


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