I think it’s probably time for a bit of a change…

I’ve still got a fair few shots taken on my recent Spanish travels that I will, at some point, get around to posting, but for now, I simply  need a break from landscapes…

This became apparent yesterday when I took to the fields and pathways of springtime Oxfordshire and literally couldn’t find a thing I wanted to shoot!


Rolling hillsides?….Yawn!

Leafy glades?……Snore!

Fluffy white clouds, twittering dicky-birds & gambolling baa lambs?……Give me a break!!!!!!

AAAAAGH!!!  No more fer Chrissake!


Luckily…Just as I was about to start swinging my camera around my head in preparation for smashing it against a fence post I came upon a (very) knackered looking tractor/digger kinda thingy with a rather wonderfully smashed up cabin…Yipppeeee!…I DO LIKE A BIT OF DESTRUCTION!



So…Here you go….

Smashed tractor glass….It ain’t Tiffany, but I do think its rather beautiful.


(These all benefit from giving them a click).


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. scillagrace

    Glittering and gorgeous! Just like I saw the passenger side mirror on my daughter’s van today ….all cracked up. (So glad I sold it to her last year. Nothing on it is my problem, now!) Love the golden web in the second shot especially.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      The second was my favourite so we’re in accord……
      Please pass on my condolences to your offspring and I do hope they manage to avoid dodgy vehile dealers in the future…Some people will sell you anything!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Wandering around?
      You make me sound like some cardboard shoe’d, booze raddled itinerant…
      I’ll have you know I was on a highly motivated and focussed photographic expedition!
      No stone was left unturned, no avenue unexplored!
      Wandering around indeed !!!!!!
      The insults us artists have to put up with !


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