Caryatids and tele-whats?

No..I didn’t know either, but it seems they are draped female and male figures (respectively) that are sculpted in place of columns..

Anyway, this bunch can be found where a sculptor dude by the name of Visseau left them, parading around in the almost altogether on the water terraces of Blenheim palace, and what a splendid bunch they are.

I took a few ‘straight’ images but none really caught my fancy, so, given that the light was hovering somewhere between ‘shite’ and ‘utter poo’ and hand-holding  would have been an unmitigated disaster, I whipped out my trusty tripod and set about this composite.

I took eight shots, four for the areas across the top of the image and four for those across the bottom, each from very slightly different viewpoints as I wanted to give the image a disconcerting distortion when the component shots were merged..

A little strange, slightly weird and dreamlike, or just a bit of a mess?

I’m not sure…….

Give it a click and you be the judge.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

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