Kill a deer ….
Make friends with a butcher who knows his stuff….
Pay him a kings ransom for twelve inches of loin….
Dust it with chopped thyme, salt, pepper and a wee smidge  of olive oil…
Sear in a blazin’ hot pan and leave for half an hour…
Get some nice leaves (we used a French oak lettuce) and dress with lemon, oil and capers ……
Slice the loin as thin as Nicole Kidmans shin and arrange artistically on a white plate….(coloured plates are for plebs)…
Scoff with plonk ….
Follow up with a few berries and vanilla freezy …..
Ps …if you’re a greedy git like us start it all off with some griddled asparagus in balsamic…..
Life is good!
Life is Very GOOD!

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Yum indeed…..though we did both have an incredibly bad nights sleep…
      Don’t know if it was the half a kilo of virtually raw meat or that fourth bottle of Tempranillo, but something gave us ruddy awful dreams…..
      Back on the wagon!
      Back on the the diet!

      Nice to have you back by the way, and where’s the shots of big, beautiful & tatty automobiles? I know you must have taken a few at least….Gimme gimme!


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