Today the studious Mrs Shpics takes her final exam for this semester….
A cause for much celebration as not only will she (I hope) be less of an arsehole to live with, (I jest, she has been lovely if somewhat pre-occupied with study), but she is also one step closer to a highly qualified and well paid career and will be able to support me in the manner to which I fervently wish to become accustomed in my dotage …
While she put pen to paper I strolled along to M.Fellers Game Merchants¬† in the Oxford covered market and got them to butcher Bambi…
Loin of venison carpaccio, caper and lemon dressing, leaves of French oak and some artisan bread…(that’s posh bread to us commoners)….
If this doesn’t earn me some brownie points I’ll be mortified..
I’ll let you know how it goes…
Oh and sorry for lack of resolution with these pics but I actually left the midlands without my camera…AAAAAAGH!

  1. scillagrace

    Congratulations to the Mrs! My oldest daughter is also completing studies…she earned her Master’s Degree in Linguistics and gets to march in a ceremony on Sunday wearing an academic gown with a large, white-lined hood. I won’t be there, because I’ll be working in the 19th century, but I do plan to make her favorite comfort food tomorrow….tuna noodle casserole. Doesn’t compare with your menu, in my mind, but hopefully it’ll be well received anyway!


    1. Stuart

      Hi Scilla
      Linguistics and an ermine hood…VERY IMPRESSIVE!
      Mrs Shpics is learning to do joined up letters and will be wearing a “My Little Pony” jumpsuit…
      As for the food…it’s easy to come up with an impressive menu, an impressive meal is where I sometimes struggle……

      A good tuna noodles casserole sounds like a thing of wonderment….Enjoy!


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