jpoppies1Okay, so I know that parts of Europe are not having a good time at the moment…Poor old Prague being virtually submerged is a real shitter! The UK has suffered some ruddy awful weather, (enough to make me want to leave for ever), and Spain, not normally known for it’s mackintosh sales, has had one of the wettest springs on record…….I reckon Kevin Costner was on to something when he grew gills.

But amidst all of this moisture-based malcontent there is the occasional drip of tinkly goodness…..

At the start of June, the Altiplano, high above and to the North East of Granada, can be starting to look a little dessicated, a little dried out…(think Michael Douglas’s scrotum)…totally de-juiced…

But…..Not this year!

Everywhere you look..Poppies!

Billions of the buggers!

Plus all manner of other colour-poppin’ petally little smashers!


It makes for lazy photgraphy as you find it tough to shoot anything else, but…who gives a poo?

‘Make hay while the sunshines’ …….A tad in-apt, but I’m sure you get my drift.

More poppies to come….Lots of them.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


  1. Helen Cherry

    Michael Douglas’s scrotum.. really STUART !! When I saw this I thought Mars ( not as in Mars bars but as in the planet! ) a veritable sea of poppies alright.. glorious springs to mind..


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