jaltiplano1Okay, so it was a long long time ago, but, like most young boys, I had a major sci-fi fetish…. Just between us, I was more interested in Frank Herberts ‘Dune’ cycle than was in any way healthy, and if it wasn’t for the sudden realisation in my mid teens that I was Gods gift to womankind I might actually have ended up a middle aged nerd in an anorak rather than the silver haired Apollo I am today…

But.. my devilish good looks aside …….We were talking about ‘Dune’..

I haven’t read it or any of it’s many sequels for years, but as soon as I started visiting the Altiplano, I found I was constantly thinking of Herberts fictional world….This view, seen through the  deeply carved dunes on what is probably my favourite stretch of road in the whole wide world, simply screams ‘Arrakis…Desert planet’ to me….

I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and dig out my old paperbacks…..


The shot was taken hand held in really low light, so I had to push the iso a lot further than I normally would…I’m hoping that the really grainy finish, which I’d usually hate, adds to the ‘other-worldliness’ …….. Not sure.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.






  1. scillagrace

    It’s not like the glossy cover on the paperback that I remember my sister toting around, it’s more like a matte finish on an old jigsaw puzzle, but I like it, and it definitely feels other-worldly to me. (And she’s definitely a middle-aged nerd, but nonetheless dear…)


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I know what you mean with the jigsaw thing..they always seem to have a special kinda of soopa-soft muted kinda quality dont they?….(I like them well enough when they’re finished but GOD, I HATE THE PROCESS..Jigsaws are the work of satan).

      (calm down Stuart, calm down)

      Oh yes…. I remember those covers too..
      They seemed to have bugger all to do with the books actual content….But eye-catching which I suppose was the point….

      Say hi to your sis for me…..(Social types us nerds).


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I have notebooks full of opening paragraphs for comedy novels….
      Once I managed a second paragraph but it was serious…and sad….the labrador died….nobody laughed….

      I’ll stick to drama…


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