jpoppies2So I promised you more poppies, and here they are, with a whole bucket full of daisies thrown in for good measure……

I do like to over deliver..

If I’d been around in Dickensian times you could have charted my progress through the city streets by the cries of grateful poorfolk as I doffed my cap  dispensing pickled walnuts, poems written on beer mats and the occasional thruppenny bit…

” Thankee kindly Mr Shpics sir…”

” You’re a gentleman Mr Shpics and no mistake…”

” Generous to a fault ‘e is that Mr Shpics, why only yesterday he gave me and the poor wee mite a handful of spent matches and a turkish delight..”


Yes….. It would have been wonderful to have known me..


Unfortunately for you dear reader, in this digital age my generosity is limited to being free and easy with my pixels…so, I hope a digital back-hander of daisies will suffice.





And..If not…Poppies again!

(Hope this one’s not too corny for ya)….

The top shot was taken on the windy little switchback road (think mini roller-coaster) between Galera and Cortijo Del Cura..I had just collapsed on the verge after cycling for a whole seven minutes…30 degrees in the shade and I get onto a push bike for the first time in thirty years…(There’s no fool like an old fool).

The second was on the road from Huescar to San Clemente…..Shot from the airconditioned cocoon of the SHpics fun-bus….Why suffer for your Art?

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde




  1. scillagrace

    Is that a fig tree in the top photo? (peering at the leaves) Figgy pudding, anyone? I love the golden density of the second shot…imagining a painter layering on the wheat with various tools and then plopping the red petals down. It has a kind of 2 dimension quality.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I’m afraid I dont know my figs from my firs…I do know it was shadey and good for leaning against while recovering from heart failure, but I think most trees are good for that…..
      I rather like the second shot myself…It’s definitely not the sort of thing I usually do..Most untypical..but summat about it appeals to you suggest there’s a slight painterly thing going on..
      Glad you like it Scillster.


  2. Helen Cherry

    I love the second one too… would have liked it even better without the most obvious poppie in the middle because I think the hint of poppies behind the corn is tremendously effective..


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