jflam1Continuing yesterdays theme:

Is a flamingo more beautiful than a turkey?

Who’s to say?

Bring our own set of aesthetic parameters to the question and it’s certainly more elegant, balletic even, and when it works it’s bang on trend subtle shades and its ‘very now’ drop shoulder-soopa-softy-feathery-jackety look, it screams super model…but thats a very human perspective.

I think there’s a distinct possibilty that the flamingo is a creature with a severe lack of confidence…Why else does it always hide its head up its arse? It can’t be just that it’s worried that it’s nose is too big, (think Linda Evangelista, deemed a major babe but she’s got a nose like a fishermans sock), or that it simply isn’t feeling very ‘pink’ today…It’s got to be more than that..

No…What we have here is a bad case of turkey jealousy.


“Mummy, mummy I dont want this long graceful neck, slender legs and soft pastel down. I want to be squat, coarsely feathered with a head like an inoperable tumour…I WANT TO BE A TURKEY !!”

“Quiet Fleming…..Just shove yer head up yer arse like the rest of us!”


All Images copyright Stuart Allan Hyde



      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Compliments compliments……..

        But, just to point to anyone(but mainly you two) intent on calling my sanity into question..
        It’s not me…..its everyone else……

    1. nannus

      The real reason might be heat (or lack of it). They have their beaks in the water all the time to filter microorganisms. Maybe the beak just become very cold sometimes and the birds put it between their feathers to rewarm it.
      Whatever the reason, a nice shot.


      1. west517

        Multiple issues I’d say– especially if he can’t keep his head out of his ——–…. but then again- I might know one or two people with that same problem!! πŸ™‚

      2. west517

        That’s incredibly ironic… the people I know don’t seem to be pink or fluffy either— hmmmm – we could possibly be speaking of the same people … or perhaps they are all a part of an entire subspecies that traverse several continents– I’m just throwing it out there — I’ll let you decide.

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