jsanclemente2My blog-buddy Helen Cherry has commented on the’ other worldliness’ of the Altiplano landscape …..

These shots of The embalse at Negratin certainly seem to tick the ‘Alien’ box…..

Trees half submerged, water more vibrant than the sky above and, most significantly, the sharp clean light that is the norm on the high plains conspire to make you feel somewhere very much out of the ordinary….

The shot at the head of the blog is a single image capture whereas the one below is a composite from 8 different frames…

I’m not sure which I prefer…..I think the more simple of the two ???

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Yes…I’m pretty sure…98% sure anyway… that the first is my favourite as well…..
      Mrs Shpics disagrees vehemently but she prefers me to Brad Pitt so her taste is questionable…..

      I’ve heard the ‘Religion..Stars’ Van Gogh quotation before and really like it…….Every now and again, even I, Captain Philistine himself, gets a bit of a spiritual attack when, camera cocked, I find myself in front of something truly beautiful…


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