jwhereiskirkI took this shot immediately before the storm approaching over the hill on the right hand side started big style…

Seconds later the sky was almost totally black and all of that lovely side light was but a memory…….

But never mind all of this ‘weather’ nonsense coz basically I was just lucky that I got the shot and managed to get my camera back in the bag before the heavens opened…

What’s much more important is how much this bit of landscape reminds me of those very early STAR TREK episodes with James T. Kirk jumping around in a ripped jumper, snogging strangely coloured chicks,(would you kiss a green skinned girl with a prehensile tail? Buggered if I would!), phasering rock men, lizard men and all other manner of derring-do………Whatever planet Kirk happened to be on it seemed to look pretty much exactly like the photo here….

I was SO dissapointed when a chubby chap in a tight mustard top didn’t appear…..

Ah Well…..

Brownie points to anyone who remembers the song by Spizzenergi…”Where’s Captain Kirk?”…

I can’t find a clip of the actual band playing the song, but the rather cute little video below made up from clips from the series even has the bit of scenery I’m talking about…

How cool is You Tube?

The wikipedia entry for the band is well worth a read…..Totally loopy….



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Kirk was just a bit too rotund to hide behind that boulder…and far to gung-ho to be hiding in the first place…But hang on..I can hear the whooshy swirly transporter thingumagig…Here he comes !
      Hurrah !


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