jfalls3Normally at this time of year, the Magdalena falls, (one of the two sources of the Rio Castril), is down to a trickle….

This year however, smack dab in the middle of ‘flaming June’, Magdalena is still tumbling away…and…given that only three weeks ago fresh snow fell on the Sierra de Castril,  I reckon she’ll be tumbling for a while to come.

But .. She does tumble beautifully!

If you were expecting a clumsy arse over tit kinda tumble you’d be very disappointed.


I’m not sure if I like her more in colour or in monochrome…


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde






    1. Stuart

      I sweat over every syllable…..I torture myself over every word, every poetic phrase……
      Nailed to the cross of word-smithery!

      Eee! I like a bit if the old black’un white meself chuck!


  1. scillagrace

    I like the falls (and the rocks especially) in color, but the black & white in the last shot gets me…I think it’s the sky. Yup, that’s it. Bright white clouds in a dark sky are thrilling.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      That last one really is a bit dramatic aint it?
      Heavy use of the polariser then converted to B&W and a bit of channel jiggery pokery….
      I messed with the perspective a little as well to accentuate the sense of the whole thing hanging over you..
      I DO like to mess about!


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