jriocastril3Usually I have no difficulty in thinking up some garbage to scribble as an accompaniment to my photos..

But todays shots of the Rio Castril, (much as I like’em), didn’t get my word juice flowing…..

I suppose it’s down to the fact that I’ve rambled on about it quite often over the recent few weeks….”meltwater” blah blah blah…”unseasonably cold on the Altiplano” blah blah chunter blah…..”wonderful light” yawn blah yawn….”two separate sources” blah blah give me a break blah….

No!…. I’ve simply run out of things to say….

So…Not to put too fine a point on it…

No information for ya…

No amusing asides about how I was ‘caught short’ on the tortuous cliff-side path that led to the falls and ended up, after a nasty slip, with my ‘man-tackle’ sporting a decorative gorse collar..(ugly, very ugly)…

NoΒ reflections on beauty, on how I felt as the clouds parted and the low sun through the spray lit a thousand tiny rainbows…

No…None of that stuff….

Boring, boring, blah blah f***ing blah, boring !

For once I’m just going to shut up, restrain my tendency to mind-lessly waffle on with a seemingly never-ending stream of gibberish which, more than likely, everyone skips over anyway, and simply keep quiet, take a deep breath and let the pictures do the talking…..I can do that……..No problem………..You’ll see!


jriocastril4(more silence…..)jsilentmovement

(I’m not going to say a thing until the shadow clock tells me it’s tomorrow……Honestly I’m not…….)

(I know when to shut up…really I do……)


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. scillagrace

    You may be ready to join the Wordless Wednesday club….
    Second shot is definitely jigsaw puzzle quality. What is that about, that painterly, 2 dimensional, muted look? How do you get that “tonal quality”, as Helen calls it? It’s so different from your high contrast shots.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      The 2D effecty-thingy is down to using zoom over a fairly long distance as it seems to foreshorten everything…
      The tonal quality I can take no credit for as its just what was there…I reckon it was just so nice that I was less inclined to fart about with the processing than I normally am.


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