jfolds1Do give these images a click as both look FAR far better in  separate windows…They really do need the extra resolution.

I don’t know quite what’s causing it but something about the light suggests to me that the hill is ‘pouring’ downwards, (and no, I haven’t been on the sherry..)

The effect is quite pronounced with the colour shot but even more so with the monochrome…Altogether rather strange….I find both shots more than a little disconcerting.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


  1. scillagrace

    Well, yes, because the light is pouring down the hillside…all the shadows are downhill. Looks like many I path I’ve hiked. And in a few hours, it’ll look different. That’s why I love hiking; observing light and change and movement is pretty thrilling in a constant kind of way.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Now you’re not going to believe me…but..I actually went to school with a girl named Constance Change….
      It must have been something about the parents in my area, coz I also had a Carol Barrell, (she didn’t like it and stressed the ‘ell….though I think I’d rather my name rhymed than be suspected of being French)…. PLUS an Elton Skelton and a Crystelle Ball…ALL at my senior school during the time I was there….
      As I said I know you won’t believe me, but, for once, this is all true..


      1. scillagrace

        I went to grade school with a kid named Mark Zdilla. My classmates always teased me that we should get married so that my name would be Priscilla Zdilla. Bad enough my kids call me Momzilla and their kids will probably call me Granzilla….gonna end up stomping a major metropolitan area one day….

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        And here’s me feeling bad for calling you Scillabud….

        The Scilla Zdilla story struck a chord….
        I once had a very passionate but somewhat brief affair with a girl named Heidi….Things seemed to have gone very well, until, (post-coitally), I told her my surname………
        Even the offer of coffee and croissants didn’t stop her rather hurtful dash for the door…
        Bit of an over-reaction if you ask me, I wasn’t going to propose.
        Ah well……

  2. tanya ellis

    love the monochrome,might have that one printed,just waiting for the poppy one to arrive,hopefully by friday.


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