falls4jpegIn summer the gorge that runs through Castril often slows to a bit of a trickle, but, after a majorly wet spring, it is currently looking pretty damn healthy.

falls3jpegI don’t recommend a dip as it’s cold cold COLD…Mrs Shpics, a confirmed water pixie, briefly dangled an appendage and her agonised screams were echoing for well over a minute. She’s more of a sun-baked shallows kinda girl….. (though she loves me and I’m only half-baked & shallow)

falls1jpegI uhhmed and aahhed over the shot above as it doesn’t really seem to sit very well with the others, but thought I’d let you decide….At one point towards the end of the gorge walk you’ll find this man-made weir affair and I thought the reflection of the cliffs with the diagonal ledge worked in a bit of a ‘Worrisit?’ kinda way….I’m still not sure.

falls2jpegFinally a bit more of a ‘trad’ treatment…woefully over-exposed in places, but hopefully it gives you a hint of just how pretty this place is.

  1. tanya ellis

    nice to know you are still alive!!
    could really do with a tranquil break but have had enough of the heat lol.


  2. scillagrace

    Oils spread with a palette knife for shot #3, and the first is a splendid painting, for sure! I like the old feeling, anti-technology achieved with technology. A fine twist!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Ta Cornelia 🙂
      I often find it’s the shots I’m not sure of that I ending up being happiest with….
      Already that is the shot I remember most if I think of what I took that day…
      Glad you like it….


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