One bottle of fizzy Rosado/one bottle of rather elegant chalky White/another bottle of what I imagine was equally elegant and chalky white/two humongous snifters of Brandy………

And (if I recall correctly) a handfull of cervejas as a sweetener in preperation for the above…


No wonder I am typing with my ear-lobe!

I took this shot sober but blogged/processed it piss*d so who knows what I’ll think when I next log on.

At the moment it looks pretty spiffing in a foldy dreamy watery kinda way.

It’s the embalse at Negratin …(again…Sorry but I can’t seem to stop whipping out the Nikon when I’m within a couple of miles of the place…At least it’s a different bit than I’ve seen before)..

Hope you like!

I LOVE it!

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      There was a rather attractive lady sun-bathing on the boat as it passed me…..Also a pretty photo but more ‘Still life with nipples’…
      I must be getting old as I liked this one far more.

      and yes…the water looked like oil again, only scant seconds after this was taken…VERY still.


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