stormacummin3jpeg“Quick!” shouts the meteorologically sensitive Mrs Shpics “There’s a stormacummin!”…(her enunciation goes to pot when excited)…

A snatched glance through the window confirmed her fears … The washing line stretched to breaking point / his and hers matching Darth Vader underpants billowing dangerously and threatening to snap their pegs / garden furniture  tipping precariously ….. Oh it was petrifying….

Wasting no time at all I told her it was quite safe, put a plastic bag on her head and sent her outside to deal with the mayhem, while I, clad in flip flops and pyjama bottoms, grabbed the Nikon and headed for the hills.

When the rain came it really came but I cracked these off super-sharpish….


You’ll be pleased to hear that Mrs Shpics, (almost dry now), coped well and that garden devastation was minimal…

All Images copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      The shutters were shuttered, the hatches were battened, the house was positively stygian…. So, we turned to the consolation of the grape….
      Photography was not an option by the time the storm had passed….


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