tower3jpegI have spent the early part of the day lying prone, sporting damp flannel head-gear (eat your heart out Phillip Treacy), with an electric fan directing cooling gusts on to my battered calfs and toeslies, laptop perched firmly on my glistening wash-board abs, happily processing some shots of the tower that caused me such torment yesterday…

Let’s hear it for the powers of ‘Photo-shop therapy’….

I feel invigorated, restored & rejuvenated….(as long as I dont move)…

Oi ! Mrs Shpics ! Peel me a grape!



No tower in the last shot but I know you’ll forgive me dear reader, I had to shoot summat on the way.

As always these all benefit from a re-sounding click..So much crispier in a new window.

All images copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. scillagrace

        …or salt, or limestone from ancient sea creatures. Wonderful shots – well worth the effort, I would think. There’s nothing as augustly gorgeous as a desert, wild and uncomfortable and unrelenting. Steve is absolutely enamored of the deserts of our West, having worked at archaeological sites out there. I am a bit more temperate and love green and water even more. Ever read any of Ed Abbey’s desert essays?

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Could well have been salt….
        I am reliably informed this was all sea-bed at one time….
        I too am a desert lover….. always ‘appy arrid… 🙂
        I will google Ed Abbey as soon as I can..

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