tower1jpegIt’s another one of those posts where the title really is a bit of a stretch…But..

As an explanation…

This tower wotsit sits on a hill between Huescar and Castillejar and you can just about see it from the road…

I’ve been promising myself a visit at either dawn or dusk to see what sort of shot I might be able to come up with, but, given that the only way to get to it is by ‘Shanks’s pony’, (thats on foot to anyone who doesn’t have a grasp of archaic English), I thought a recce was in order.

Mad dogs and englishmen spring to mind….

2 hours each way in blistering heat….What a tosser I am!

Today I can hardly move…..hamstrings like plastic bags full of walnuts and dehydrated to the point of dessication….

Maybe the dawn or dusk thing will have to wait a while.

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