seabed1jpegWell….A quick explanation…..Just in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been….I’ve been under the weather.

I’ve had a VERY nasty virus…Some swine shoved a Trojan right up the SHPics laptops gazunder…SOB SOB!

Why would someone clever enough to design a trojan virus actually bother to design a trojan virus? Can’t they think of anything better to do? I’m all for a bit of anarchy, but as insurrection goes the whole virus dissemination thingy seems more than a little limp-wristed to me…

“Ooooh what shall I do today?? Shall I watch a bit of Judy Garland and make myself a new hat or shall I design a trojan virus? Ooooh I’m all of a flutter! Maybe I’ll do all three”


Anyway, getting a ‘buggered’ laptop fixed in a country where you don’t speak the lingo is a little challenging……..So I hope you’ll forgive the blogging hiatus.

Top shot is a late evening view to the Sierra de Cazorla from the Northern Altiplano….Seems a bit sea-beddy don’t you think?


Second shot is totally random but I simply couldn’t miss the chance to post a shot called:


As ever please give’em a click and open them in a new window, they look so much better!



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. Tanya Ellis

    don’t know what you used to post these photo’s,but it brings up a window where you can do allsorts of stuff to it.might have a go later and e-mail you my version lol


  2. scillagrace

    Love the sea bed, and OMG, the black and white looks like a pen and ink illustration from a children’s book of dreams….I thought the night sky was behind the shit heap at first. I guess it’s a hill, actually. Very Antoine de Saint-Exupéry…


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      If I knew a child who was dreaming of sheep climbing hills of shit I’d take it straight to the doctors……….

      But yes, you’re right of course… that night sky is a very bare, very barren hill…I wasn’t even aware of the effect until it was cropped and bleached….
      All very ‘rock-pile or cathedral?’ to paraphrase dear Antoine. (an astute fellow…for a Frenchie).


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