seabed2jpegNo theme today….Just a few random shots.

First off another eveningy/glowy/kinda thing shot in the badlands of Cortijo Del Cura.

canrom1jpegSecondly a canine version of Love-Story shot on one of the beaches at Isleta Del Moro. Hopefully Fido and Rover will have a happier ending than Ryan And Ali…

orce1jpegThirdly a view over the town of Orce..

And, finally a black and white image of another beach at Isleta Del Moro..

isleta6jpegAs usual all shots will benefit from a nice new window.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      You can’t take a step without tripping over a church or a mosque in Andalusia………….
      The average town centre street goes church, bar, church,bar,bar,mosque,bar,church,church,bar,mosque,bar,church,shoe shop,bar,church, brothel, church,bar, mosque……..
      On the outskirts there are slightly fewer bars and shoe-shops, far more brothels and about the same amount of churches and mosques.
      In the country-side just the occasional church usually next door to a multipurpose bar/brothel/shoe-shop establishment.

      The average Spaniard seems well shod, pious and happy.


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