cartart6bjpegThought I’d stick with a theme for once, (albeit loosely), so a little more stumbled upon creativity, in a wide world environment….These were all taken about a month ago in Cartagena.

With street art I never really know whether to zoom in solely on the piece or whether context is too important to exclude….Take these heads…….The work itself simply blows my tits off but……

cartart6jpeg…..on a street, behind something, between something and under something does it make more or less sense?


It’s not just photographing this stuff that weirds me out…Simply seeing it can be  enough….

You ever see a dude with a Nikon and an expression like the one above and it’s probably Mr Shpics pondering Street Art.

With street art  you never ‘come to it clean’….You’ve  walked the street that takes you there and  had a stiff dose of environment before the piece itself is apparent., while in a museum you’ve got your ART head on….On the street maybe you feel there’s a need to adjust,, but then by adjusting  maybe you miss something…?

cartart2jpegI’ve got no answers…. But, (and maybe this is part of what excites me about finding works in the environment), it ‘s rare for me to leave a gallery or a museum questioning ‘art’…Sure I’ll be thinking/talking about what I’ve seen, but it will, nine times out of ten, be ‘piece-specific’…….

Street art  tends to get me into the Whys and Wherefores of the WHOLE DAMN THING ….

All Images copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      You do realise that this infers your idea of an ethnomusicologist is someone who, while wandering lost and drunk through unfamiliar city streets, occasionally records a scrap of stray music on a tatty old digital recorder hung around his neck and then mutters semi incoherently stuff like “I wonder whether the three four time signature would be more suited to a traditional orchestration rather than this almost jarring use of found percussives? Hic…burp”….
      Though I am flattered, I’m sure they wouldn’t be….


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      How absolutely ripping to hear from you!
      Glad you like the shots but try not to agree with me too often, I’ll end up with ideas above my station…
      Scilla already has me down as an ethnograffitiologist or some such thing…I think she’s on smack!


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