slide1jpegA couple more  shots of Stourports ‘Back to the 60’s’ Funfair……

It’s a well documented fact here on Shpics that I’m petrified of clowns, balloons and big teddy bears…..the stuff sleepless nights are made of…Sadly I think I’m going to have to add funfairs to the list.

Since taking these shots I’ve had a recurring ‘lost in a funfair’  kinda nightmare thingy going on…..

Downside of a vivid imagination I suppose.


When I took these shots the place was almost completely deserted, and I think that added to the overall sense of weirdness……Isn’t funny how some things play on your subconscious mind?

Anyway I hope that whatever that snuffly, grunty, malodorous, shadowy, shuffling thing is that’s dogging my steps through the hall of mirrors has a night off and lets me get some sleep..

(and no….I’m not talking about Mrs Shpics…..she doesn’t snuffle).

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

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