MTseatjpegAnother cold, wet and dismal English morning…….

The closest I’m going to get to a sun-dappled Andalusian courtyard and the scent of basil is looking at this photo……

You know what’s missing?

I AM !!!!!!

(sob, whimper, sob).

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Splendid…and be assured, even though the process is exhausting, I will continue to transmit on an hourly basis while still maintaining my virtually constant vigil, (breaks for beer, biscuits & bowel movements), poised in front of laptop screen waiting patiently for your return to cyber-space.

  1. suppressorexpress

    Love it! you made longing for something actually funny,
    now when i look at pictures of destinations i wish to be, i shall not see the glass half empty,
    but be positive in knowing that one day i will be the missing thing from that landscape thanks for making me smile, chantelle


  2. Elizabeth Krall

    I had a moment like you describe, in February 2009, standing on a Tube platform at Bank Station. Outside it was cold, and dark, and damp, and singularly miserable. And then my eyes focused on the ad on the wall opposite: a Qantas airliner banking over Sydney harbour on a perfect blue-sky summer day. What was missing? I WAS!! So I moved back to Sydney. Thanks for reminding me of that moment. 🙂 Gorgeous light in this photo, BTW; it glows.


  3. stephanieeagan

    Stumbled across your blog today and this is the first pic I decided to view. Now I feel like I’m missing from that photo… 🙂


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        No hot beverages allowed……Andalucia is the home of sherry… so maybe a pitcher of chilled fino and a plate of deep fried pigs ears….(Pretty much what was consumed on the last Shpics visit to this particular courtyard).
        “Pigs ear anyone?)

      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I’d just need a few weeks notice to do some stretching exercises, maybe a bit of yoga…at the moment I cant even touch my toes so the average suitcase might be a bit beyond me.

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