It occurred to me that you might be getting a little brassed off with my half-baked, lackadaisical approach, when I suddenly realised I hadn’t changed the way this blog looks in over two years….Bad Mr Shpics!

So today I bit the bullet and went for a major overhaul..I even spent some money on it, which isn’t like me at all !!

So, a new, slightly more modern look….Be sure  to let me know what you think.’s emphasis was on getting everything looking cool so, being a bit of a lazy old bastard, I’ve simply dug into the archives for an image..


I took this at the Mezquita in Cordoba, obviously along with other much more mezquita’ish shots…but, the diffracted light, that every now and again, danced disco on the marble floor kinda took my fancy.

(Oh, and by the way, just in case your wondering… The lady pictured, who initially appeared to be a perfectly respectable old dear, obviously also picked up on the disco vibe, and, to my horror, started twerking against the statue of a sixteenth century saint immediately after I clicked the shutter…Be thankful I chose to withhold those particular images).

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

      1. Gunta

        Nearly 20 years down the road you might feel a wee different 😀 Though jolts of excitement are not quite out of range even then.

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Yes…I do know what you mean but there is a reason…I think.
      It seems that because so many people use phones/tablets as opposed to laptop/pc etc. there are more views at lower res display settings, and when a screen is set to a lower res display you get more on screen…
      Now I know, you know, that I don’t know this, but a technically inclined friend assures me it is so…
      I need some feedback from folks with crap screen setting as opposed to ‘State of the Art’ type chicks such as yerself.

      (ps. ‘Mad Scientist’ yippeee!)


  1. scillagrace

    I love the slick, professional look. Very sharp…and a contrast to your scruffy, drunken persona. Bit of a chameleon, eh? Going hipster, are you? Who is the REAL Mr. Shpics?
    BTW – Don’t have the iProducts, any of them. Your center panel looks just fine on my laptop.


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