Mr Shpics views his responsibilities as a photographic entertainer very seriously dear reader…I try to take photos that you’ll find either nice to look at or that will make you smile…I try to avoid anything even remotely educational as, between you and me, there would always be far more knowledgeable people to listen to, on virtually any subject other than hangover cures, and I believe in sticking to what I know best.

However, it’s nice when I can post a few pics and steer those who might be interested down paths of brain enhancing fulfillment which don’t involve me actually having to tell you anything myself.

This post is a case in point…I’m happy that I’ve got a few dramatic little landscapes for you to cast your peepers over, plus I’m happy that those of you who wish to, could type ‘Tutugi Necropolis’ into your search engine of choice and find all sorts of juicy info..(I imagine). Maybe this could be the start of a lifetime of study into Megalithic burial practises and whatnot, culminating in you finding fame, fortune and the respect of corduroy wearing science types the world over…Dear reader, the ball is in your court.

BUT..If you just fancy a quick peek at my snapshots I’m a happy bunny.


It’s the whole weird sci-fi type look of the place that appeals to me…I expected nothing less than a coterie of Daleks to appear from these strange little mounds, shouting exterminate in Spanish accents.


I was incredibly lucky with the weather as it all seemed to add to the sense of spooky weirdness..It’s not all about sunny golden light ya know!


These weather covers were, in my opinion, far more interesting than the tombs they were there to protect.

Does that make me a philistine?


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. nannus

    Crashed flying saucers? Christo’s most recent project? 🙂 Whatever that is, it looks interesting and nice, especially under such a sky.
    Hangover cures are an interesting topic, by the way, and sometimes important 🙂


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey Nannus
      I thought this post would appeal to you.. 🙂
      And you’re so right about hangover cures…I find that at least three days out of seven they are of paramount importance!
      A sad indictment of my wastrel ways! 😦


      1. nannus

        Well, I don*t need that so much.
        One thing that can help is, paradoxically, alcohol. Hangover is mainly caused by methyl alcohol in drinks (e.g. there is a lot in whisky). This is processed into formic acid in the liver. Formic acid is poisonous and is the main cause of hangover symptoms. Alcohol (ethanol) is processed into acetic acid, which is harmless. Since the same enzyme does both, if you drink alcohol not containing methanol (like very good pure vodka), it competes for that same enzyme (which is there only in limited amounts), thus streching the processing of methanol over a longer periode of time by “pushing it away” from that enzyme. The result is that the concentration of formic acid is reduced, thus reducing the symptoms. (O.K., I know, too much science 🙂 I am stopping it already… anyway, you started with an archaeological research site, that is also science).
        The better method is, of course, to drink less.

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Nannus you never cease to amaze me!!
        Next time I wake up feeling as if my forehead has caved-in I will know exactly why..Wonderful!
        Your final comment though..”The better method is, of course, to drink less.” I’m afraid, FAR TOO radical a solution..However I will compromise..
        I’ll drink less Whisky and more Vodka!!!!

      3. nannus

        The danger with that is, of course, that you will drink more if the painfull side effects are not there so much. The result could then be fatal. The liver has no pain nerves. And I hope we will be able to see nice new fotographes from you for many more years to come 🙂

      4. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Don’t worry Nannus old chap….I only drink until I fall over…
        This doesn’t actually take a large quantity of alcohol to achieve…
        I had a medical in September and the Doctor assured me I have the liver of a twenty year old!!!!

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