So, I’ve hopefully whet your appetite for a bit more of what Almeria has got to offer…Up to now I’ve just given you a few random streets, a few odd buildings and a smidgen of graffiti….All perfectly acceptable subjects, but not specifically Almerian, could have been most any Spanish city.

How about if I take you for a spin around the Alcazaba?

Fancy that?



First things first…This is my favourite building in the whole of Spain…You can shove your Alhambra Palaces and your Cordoban Mezquitas right up where the sun don’t shine, because this baby knocks’em both into a cocked hat.

It’s not lovingly restored like the two aforementioned, in fact a good proportion of it is positively crumbly…But oh my giddy aunt it is spectacular. Smack dab on top of a dirty great hill at the top of the town, you find yourself surrounded by humongous great walls, the biggest sky you’ve ever clapped eye’s on, clouds with an attitude, and bugger all else….Amazing!


If like me, you’re a fan of crawling around on gritty man sized slabs, just to get an angle,you might easily feel like you’re in some Cloud Castle where bygone gods meted out imaginative punishments to the world below as a bit of light afternoon entertainment in between a bit of slap and tickle with some willing nymphs and strange hybrid horse/man creatures that no-one in their right mind would ever want to ride.

I’m pretty sure there was no Moorish Zeuss equivalent, (they were all a bit fixated on that other chap I think), but had there have been, I wouldn’t have been at all surprised had he suddenly leaped out and zapped me with some thunderbolty kinda thing or forced me to eat my own testes for a laugh….It just had that ‘omnipotent power/amusing retribution’ kinda vibe going on…Know what I mean?


Anyway, I loved it…REALLY LOVED IT!

More detaily kinda pics to come, but for now these three will hopefully make you realise that Sinatra had it wrong…He shoulda been to Almeria coz if you ain’t been there, you ain’t been anywhere.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. scillagrace

    Love the exotic crenelations! Moorish, I guess. The look of it is positively ancient, not “restored” and protected with railings and such. Great photo material; your angles and sky drops do it complete justice. Well done!


  2. Tanya Ellis

    old ruins have a certain romantic air,but i would love to see you do something with what my lasting impression of almeria is…………millions and millions of greenhouses!!!!!!


  3. Tricia A. Mitchell

    I agree with Helen – the perspective on the second image is fantastic! Also, as someone who also appreciates the more rugged of structures (Heidelberg Castle vs. Neuschwanstein, for example) I’d love to see Alcazaba. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to make it there this summer. 🙂


      1. Tricia A. Mitchell

        I’m a tad biased about Heidelberg since we were married in the castle… 🙂 We recently made it to Neuschwanstein when it was surrounded by autumn foliage and it was stunning.

        Very true about “many boxes to tick.” I think travel simultaneously teaches one how small – and large the world is.

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        This is the first Autumn/Winter that we haven’t visited Germany for some while…Munich last Winter, but Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne all recently and always when it’s cold….Don’t know why but I haven’t seen Germany in the summer since the 1980’s…I really need to sort that out!

        We are incredibly lucky to live when we do when it comes to ‘small world’ travel aren’t we?…..If only I had unlimited funds….

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