I’ve realised after looking back over the recent posts that its all been a bit construction heavy of late….OK I’ve run the gamut from Palaces to hovels, but it’s been bricks, bricks, plaster, bricks and a few more bricks thrown in for good measure, for a little too long…

So… Not wishing to throw a scare into anyone, Mr Shpics is going to go ‘Au Naturel’ with a few, random landscapes.


I took this on the cliff road to Santiago De Espada….The one litre hire car was struggling by the time we made it up here so I pulled over to give it a bit of a cool down.

set1jpegThis was much later on the same day, taken on the road from Castril back to Huescar facing Northwest.

olive1jpegWhile this was taken a couple of days later on the road from Pozo Alcon to the forested area North East of Negratin.

tower1jpegAnd finally…This was taken at my old favourite, the ruined tower between Huescar and Castillejar…Notice how I’ve sneaked a few bricks in there at the end?

Do you think anyone will mind?

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. nannus

        “As I did stand my watch upon the hill,
        I looked toward Birnam, and anon methought
        The wood began to move.” (Shakespeare)
        Obviously these trees just pretend to be stationary.

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Every time I looked down to check the settings on my camera I’m sure they got just that little bit closer….
        (‘A moving grove’…….You can’t beat a bit of the old Thane of Cawdor.. :-))
        BUT Nannus…Science and now literature? Is there no end to your talents?

      3. nannus

        Well, making a citation is no big deal, especially in the age of the internet. But moving trees and militray … I just thought, wait a minute, was’nt there this Macbeth story?
        I actually think this arts-science-divide is not as deep as some people think. The comon root on both sides is creativity.

      4. nannus

        I have a children’s book from the 1960s (one of my favorite books, you see, literature again ( where a little boy looks through a telescope at a castle. As a result, the castle comes near, down from the mountain. The sudden jolt of this movement causes the knights in the castle to fall out of their beds… 🙂 Maybe it was this effect. By being zoomed with your Camera, they jumped towards you.
        The effect is reversible (science again). In that book, the boy later looks through the telescope the other way around, and the castle returns to where it was.
        The old philosophical question of the relationship between the observer and reality…

      5. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I do like to use my camera to ‘mess with’ reality….
        Hopefully not too much, but little twists, little distortions, really are my bread and butter….
        I wonder if you can buy the actual telescope on Amazon? Now that would be something!

      6. nannus

        In that book, the three guys (grandfather, father and son) travel in a paper ship made from a newspaper (from day after tomorow). The ship grows by itself and they enter to travel downstreams on their creek. They suddenly have sailor’s cloths on (woolen caps, rain jackets). The grandfather finds a pipe in his pocket (already burning), the father finds a harmonica and the little boy suddenly feels something under his arm: the telescope. Then their adventures begin… In the end, they return home in a paper plane made from the same newspaper, just in time for lunch.
        So you need that special newspaper, from day after tomorrow. Don’t know where you can subscribe to that. 🙂

      7. nannus

        Probably, one must not actively search for it.
        What I like about that book especially is that everything happens naturally. There is no framework of an “ordinary” world against which some extra-ordinary magic is happening. When they receive the newspaper, the grandfather simply says “Thats the paper from day after tomorrow, well, then we will not read it yet.” Then they decide to make paper boats from it. One of the boats starts growing. One of them is saying “Look how it is growing” and another one is saying “Did you think it would remain small?” There is no magic, everything goes its normal way. That is exactly what makes this book so nice.
        If you search for it, you will not find that telescope. One day, you will suddenly feel something is pressing under your arm, and there it is, 🙂 (the condition might be that you have to be a child, so yes, there is a catch).

      8. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Well my wife tells me I’m well into my second childhood so maybe I have a chance…….
        But I’ll take your advice and relax…… just wait with an open mind until whatever happens happens…..
        (Last time I found anything under my arm it was an in-growing hair…Oh dear).

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