A very quick post today…I know you’ll forgive me Dear Reader..

The UK’s West Midlands is clamped in the chill grip of pre-Christmas shopping frenzy with the stores all rammed and roads chock-a-block from dawn until dusk. I pride myself on my ‘Scrooge-ian’ sensibilities, and between you and me, it’s more than I can do to bring myself to leave the house unless I am absolutely forced by necessity.

Yesterday I ran out of beer AND toilet paper, and, though I did consider using a handful of leaves and sticking to cough medicine for a few days, I bit the bullet and made a very quick dash to Birmingham to stock up.

Luckily, the DSLR was with me when I parked in the first space I could find…

Directly opposite was some graffiti I’ve never seen before.

gb1jpegI thought I’d show it from both ends…

I don’t know, it somehow seems to suit the subject.


Hope you like it as much as I do..

If you don’t, how about dickie-birds in gas masks?


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. suej

        That’s what I thought….and what’s more, a bird would carry things in it’s beak, not it’s claws/talons whatever!! Odder and odder. 😉

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I don’t think they are real birds at all……..They’re aliens who haven’t really done their homework..
        “You’re not going to fit in like that you evil aliens…Get back to your own bloody planet!”

      3. suej

        Got that off your chest then…. But what if they’ve taken up residence… Perhaps that’s what I’ve heard in my loft (and I thought it was squirrels)….

  1. Ann

    The spectacle reminiscent of pop-art from the early- and mid-’60s (which, as I recall, started in England much earlier and was probably passé there by the time Warhol was painting soup cans so you won’t remember it). I wonder what that key is for and why the bird carrying it isn’t blue like his pal.

    Graffiti seems to be getting better. Banksy has raised the bar, I think.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Amazingly I was born in 1960…Don’t scoff, I know you don’t believe me having looked at my photo..You’d swear I was of a post millennium vintage wouldn’t you?
      BUT, ignoring for a moment my soft, baby-like, wrinkle-free physiognomy, my mother kept some of my early paintings, one of which is a primitively painted HEINZ bean can which she insists was completed in 1963….
      Mr SHPICS!! Prodigy & Artistic Trailblazer!!
      It was only my humility that stopped me assuming my proper place at the pinnacle of the POP world..


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