I think it’s only polite for me to introduce to you the new woman in my life…

Now, before I start getting letters of complaint, I must stress that when it comes to women of the flesh and blood variety, Glamour Queen, Domestic Goddess, Genius, Sex Kitten and Comedienne, Mrs Shpics is still, and always will be, the ONLY woman for me!

However… When it comes to Foxy Females of the single cylinder variety, Mrs Shpics is happy for me to ride whoever the hell I want.

And on that note, I give you your first peep at Edna.


Now Edna might look like she’s getting on a bit, but it’s an illusion. Though she looks like she was built in the 1950’s, she is, in fact, in the first flush of youth. Those wonderful fellows at the Enfield factory in Chennai, India, finished tightening her sprockets, chroming her under-carriage and greasing up her whatnots only scant months ago, before popping her on a ship with a packed lunch and letters of introduction to an Enfield dealer in Cambridge, England.


Should anyone be tempted by my new metal romance and wish to add a similar young lady, (though obviously not quite as beautiful), to their own stable, I strongly recommend a visit to Haywards of Cambridge… They’ve been selling Enfields since the 1930’s.


Edna is a 500cc Electra EFI Deluxe, and between you and I, she’s a bit of a flirt…Wherever I go, men even older than I am stand transfixed, unable to take their eyes of her shimmery flanks,  dribbling when she flicks her tail-pipe.

Easy boys!

She’s mine! ALL MINE!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

      1. Mike

        I have a great motorcycle of my own. ’03 Vstar Silverado 1100 and gorgeous, although not the classic you own. Your bike really is breathtaking.

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Hey Mike..
        I came very close to buying a Vstar a few years ago…
        A local dealer had a really pretty 650 that I was oh so tempted by….Had it been the 1100 I’m pretty sure it would have ended up on my drive….
        I’m not a bit surprised you’re a bike man…

      3. Mike

        Give me an email address and I’ll send you a photo of my bike. It weighs 650 lbs and is a great cruiser, but maybe the lighter weight on yours makes for easier jaunts around town.

      4. Stuart Hyde - shpics


        When I ride abroad I always tend to pick lightweight bikes but the Enfield is by far the lightest everyday bike I’ve had here in the UK…I absolutely fell in love with them while I was in India over New Year….
        So far the longest trip I’ve done on her was around 160 miles, and in all honesty, my backside was numb for 24 hours, BUT…Did I have a smile on my face!

  1. goldie

    killing myself laughing,i have visions in my head from your description of edna.
    (bear in mind the other warden is called edna and is a 63yr old size 20 scouser)


  2. Ann

    You guys all turn to jelly over a pretty face and a nice body. But how does Edna handle on twisty back roads? I’ll take the ugly but light and poppy little Yamaha on a twisty mountain road anytime! I know: blasphemy, right?


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Guilty as charged.

      I’m in awe of her curves…. But I’m no fool! 🙂
      When I rode the mountain tracks and off road sands of Cambodia it was an ugly Honda dirtbike, Vietnam saw me on an even uglier,
      tiny but even more suitable Minsk dirtbike . Germany and the autobahns wanted and got a huge a superfast supercomputer BMW K1100 Gt…..Horses for courses!
      But for the twisty tarmac backwoods of the UK Edna is the most fun I’ve ever had… Perfectly quick enough for safety , 70+mph in no time and she flicks and wiggles through the tightest turns like a chromed ballerina….


  3. west517

    What a GORGEOUS bike!! Nothing beats a classic– which is a style I much prefer! These are terrific—and your narrative is perfect~ 🙂


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