Who remembers Lucky Bags?
I do….(just about).

A threepenny bit used to be the going rate at Gardners Sweet Shop…A seven year old Mr Shpics would save diligently , and on Friday afternoons, on the homeward trudge from a tough week of multiplication tables and potato printing, treat himself to a Lucky Bag…He might have got liquorice, sherbet, bubble gum and gobstoppers…He might have got caramels, eclairs, pineapple chunks and choc-drops…He might have dropped unlucky and got herbal tablets, cherry drops, glacier mints and humbugs, (Humbugs!! Eeuuuurgh!).

The whole point was you never knew until you ripped open the top of the bag.

Todays post is another Lucky Bag….I dipped my sweet shovel in the archive and this is what came out.

I hope they’re not all humbugs!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. Louise Fryer

    Yes, I do, I remember getting shopping for my mum from the ‘VG’ and buying those!!
    Beautiful photography ❤️


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      It is…..Ilford Xp2.
      I shot them with my 1950’s East German Werra 3 rangefinder.
      I’m turning more and more retro the older I get…
      I’ll be wearing a top hat next.
      I’m glad you like them Ann..Thank you.


      1. Helen Cherry

        Oh yes lucky bags.. much fabness and a VERY rare thing in my household when I was a child ( poverty ain’t much fun but it does teach tyou to REALLY enjoy things when you do get them) Black jacks and fruit salad – chews for your informtaion Scilla 🙂 Sherbert Fountains were my favourites I think.. YUM YUM

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