I still haven’t quite made it all of the way through my spring archive clear out..

This lot, with the exception of the header image which I shot fresh because it was just so Super-Springy, is from somewhere near the middle of the archive barrel…I reckon in another couple of posts I will be scraping the bottom, which in one way will be great news as there will be all of that extra incentive to shoot new stuff, but … It might mean you have to cut me a bit of slack if a few ropey shots get through. I’m trying to be fairly draconian in deciding what gets posted and what gets binned but do forgive me if a few stinkers get through.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      It ain’t warm here but things are blooming big style…
      In my Garden at the moment I’ve got a huge splash of Forsythia gold topped by a raspberry pink swathe of a spring flowering cherry all set on a carpet of bright yellow daffodils..
      BUT..Being a bit of an awkward git, I am currently shooting only B&W film !!
      I know… What a tosser!


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