Regular readers will be in no doubt as to the heroic, manly virtues of your photographically vigorous host Mr Shpics.

I am the embodiment of tough and macho, sneering in the face of danger, an adventurer, a devil may care vagabond, only really happy when I’m out there, lens rampant, leaping between the extreme ledges of life.

I’m five feet ten and seven eighth inches of fully fired up testosterone, (Easy ladies).

Consequently it is a rare occurrence to stumble upon me, bent at the hip, with my lens tentatively poking towards anything with petals.

Flowers? Pah!…Girly stuff !

However…I did want to see what a 50mm prime lens and a roll of Poundlands finest colour print film could do in the way of ‘Bokeh’, ( that’s that soft, out of focus, hazy, blurry, background kinda effect thingy, much loved by petal worshippers).

So….Rather than my planned photographic excursion to shoot a ‘Selfie’ using a large format film camera while abseiling naked down the side of the Petronas twin towers, I put on my corduroy slacks, freshly shined wellingtons and Alan Titchmarsh style button up cardigan, and skipped daintily into the hothouse.

“Coooeee little pretties…Where are you?”

(Incidentally, just as an aside, did you know that the Japanese also use the term ‘Bokeh’ to refer to senility?  Funny that).


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde



    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Nope…That’s just ‘Poundland’ film…Agfa 200 asa colour print to be precise.. 36 exposures for a mere quid.
      I do like a bargain!
      P.s. The hothouse in question was the Oxford Botanical Garden one…Well worth a photo-romp.


      1. Tanya

        haven’t been there yet,going bluebell shooting tomoz. think i might add some grain you never know

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Adding grain !!!***!!??!!** Bonkers!!
        (joking aside, you know how much I love Photoshop, but that’s one thing that I don’t think it does very well…it always looks a bit too regular.
        If I were you I’d stick to keeping it super smooth, it’s what digital does best).
        Good luck with those B-belles, I shot some today at Clent but the light was somewhat shite..We shall see whether they work or not.

  1. Anna

    Impressive! I really like the colours and textures, one can almost touch the flowers! By the way, no doubts about how manly the author is, but (if it may help) the flower is one of the most efficient and successful reproductive system Nature has ever created among plants 😉


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I’ve spent the last forty years of my life trying to avoid reproduction…..Far too much like hard work.

      If all I’d had to do was wave about a bit in the breeze it might have been a different story.


  2. Elizabeth Krall

    So there I was, scrolling down my Reader: saw your slightly evil b/w pic and word ‘shpics’, figured I knew what would be revealed with more scrolling — something tough, something macho — then went, “whoa! flowers!”. I like ’em. Especially that last one. 😉


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Contour and form, Yes….Though I think even the most ‘real’ of girly’s might appreciate something a little less bristly.
      (Though of course I don’t really know, I’m just having a stab in the dark).


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