Regular readers will know that there is no working television in Shpics Mansions…

Myself and the ‘Lady of the House’, the very high-brow Mrs Shpics, simply cannot bring ourselves to watch the mindless drivel that constitutes British terrestrial programming. What a complete load of bollocks the majority of it is!

However, we do on occasion, (in much the same way as Einstein, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche or Leonardo, might have succumbed to an occasional game of noughts and crosses), stream some preposterous escapist poppycock onto our computer screens. (purely to stay, to some extent, culturally aware you understand).

To that end, around a week ago, I found myself in a state of virtual brain collapse watching an episode of ‘Vikings’…It was one of those situations where you carry on watching another scene purely because you can’t believe it will be as breath-takingly awful as the one that went before.

However, (and I’m almost about to get to the point), one particular scene did make a bit of an impression…

The Vikings, bless them, had decided to take a bit of time off from snarling, cleaving, raping and general naughtiness, and slope off to find Ygdrasil, the ‘One Tree’.

‘Ygdrasil’, (if you are a Viking),is the oldest tree and its immense branches support the heavens, so it would be worth a shufti…Sadly for both our badly behaved Viking chums and the poor viewer, the one at the end of this particular journey was simply a very slightly larger than average, bog-standard tree. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Luckily sex came to the rescue, and we all perked up no end when, just as I was about to hit the ‘Stop’ button, the disappointed Vikings came upon a very tall, very impressive, very naked Shield Maiden Princess, having a rub-down with a moist flannel in a chilly looking waterfall…..Big trees are all very well, but, call me old-fashioned, they do tend to pale into insignificance when put up against dripping Norse/Amazonian beauties with goosebumps.

Anyway, emboldened by this adventure, I went on my own quest for a big tree….Just on the off-chance.

I found one……


Sadly, that’s all I found.

(BUT, click the pic and see it in all it’s high resolution glory, hopefully you won’t be too disappointed… And… When I do find a naked Viking warrior maiden to photograph, I promise you Dear Reader, you will be the first to know).


Taken with my Pentax MX 35mm SLR….50mm Pentax SMC-M Prime lens…Agfa 200 asa colour print film, (out of date).

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde








  1. suej

    A bit of pixelated b*****ks, sorry Stuart, but you’ve let your loyal readers down….clearly you had more than an eyeful of maiden when you were posting this 😉


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      That’s my first ever dude……. 🙂
      I will grow my hair and buy a surf board immediately.

      And yes, they are aren’t they?….It actually looked like it was slowly, slowly, slowly, crawling up the hill…
      A truly beautiful, and powerful, old thing!


  2. JF

    Sorry, I missed all your humor and photos only because you did not visit my blog even once! I wonder how much you missed?!.


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