My shooting has been more than a little random over the past few weeks. In truth, subject matter hasn’t been of paramount importance, I’ve been much more concerned with getting to grips with my ‘new’ old Pentax film camera and its gradually increasing lens arsenal, trying to evaluate, usually by direct comparisons,  when and where their use might give me real benefits over digital, plus decide on some form of plan for where I want to move photographically in the coming months and what gear I should limit myself to using.

Lots to think about…

Thankfully I’m getting to the stage of feeling (relatively), physically and technically comfortable with the ‘new’ gear, (and with film itself), and can hopefully stop spending so much time considering ‘the process’ and start concentrating on more important things, especially the ‘What?’ & ‘Why?’….

In the meantime, this ‘testing’ process has thrown up some real variety, and, though I’ve been swimming rather than paddling in the waters of cliché, I’m content enough with some of the results to shove’em on the blog….

It ain’t ART….. but some of it’s pretty enough.

Click any image to open the gallery..

(If it says film it was shot on the Pentax MX, digital a Nikon D5000).


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. OdesIsPro

    I love the way you are testing out the gear, you are pushing yourself and the equipment. Bravo, that effort is missed by most. I love watching the progress and have fun with watching it as well!


  2. Emilio Pasquale

    Stuart, I’ve been missing that smiling mug of yours and then I find out you’re off taking photos of flowers. Flowers? Well, OK, I;m not normally one who enjoys macro flower shots but some of these are actually quite… passable. But the rest of these are fantastic. The types of shots a real man would take! Trains and rusty metal and real men at work! By the way, that field of purple flowers, where is that? Not for me, mind you, but my wife, yeah, that’s it, my wife would like to see it for herself, maybe roll around, actually frolic a bit.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Do you know, while I was composing and shooting that particular shot of purple’y petals Mrs Shpics was doing exactly that?
      Time and again I had to avoid her naked frolicking form as I attempted to compose the shot.
      Having said that she was doing much the same in the railway stock-yard…..
      I think it’s something to do with the late Spring.


  3. tanya

    well done you for coming out of the comfort zone,you are still superb at the distressed look shots, but the flowers are good.the only one i didn’t care for was film 28mm yellow flower


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