Much activity at the centre of the Shpics Empire…..

We’ve been celebrating the fourteenth wedding anniversary of the Lord and Lady of the Manor, which this year involved a debauched trip to the wild and woolly North Yorkshire moors. Photographic evidence will at some point be forthcoming, but…in the meantime, some Black and White shots of Oxfordshire’s welcoming watery hinterlands which enjoyed a quick visit before our grit-toothed departure for the Grim North.

Sandwiched between the Brookes campus and the city, the seasoned explorer can find a rather beautiful swathe of water striped woodland, criss-crossed by shadowed bridges and light dappled pathways, some leading to shuttered gateways magically locked with modern day graffiti runes.

The almost tangible weight of the woodland hanging heavy over your head is difficult to ignore, and, where the leaves and branches multiply in the slow waters winding mirror, there is a real sense of claustrophobia.

These shots simply had to be Black and White..


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

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